QSU – Quality-, Safety- and environmental policy of TROIKA Germany GmbH


TROIKA develops and retails top quality design gifts worldwide.

We adhere to the following principles

  • our products are intended to give long lasting pleasure, fulfil our high quality requirements, be absolutely safe and not burden the environment during its life cycle or when disposed of.

  • during the manufacturing process of our products we use only environmentally friendly techniques and the employees involved in the production or sales process must not be exposed to any risks whatsoever. Under no circumstances are children under the age of 15 allowed to participate in the production of our products.

  • We always act responsibly, take the employee’s, customer’s and supplier’s interests into consideration and adhere to practice of fair trading.


To put our policy into practise we take the following action:

  • In the product development we already define the quality and safety requirements of our products and choose only environmentally friendly materials. At this point we also decide which characteristics of our products are to be tested.

  • Our suppliers are also obliged to adhere to these requirements. In due consideration of our supplier’s terms we define common goals with regards to further development in quality, environment and safety. We carry out on site checks to ensure that no children work at our suppliers facilities.

  • The first samples of our products are tested prior to entering the market and are only released after approval.    

  • Regular spot checks are carried out in a German laboratory on products that are classed as specially safety-related. Our suppliers are also required to carry out regular production controls, which they have to verify on demand.

  • We constantly optimise all our processes for order processing, to avoid mistakes, minimise risks and satisfy our customers in the quickest and by the best means possible.


We regularly monitor our basic principles and procedures described above and adapt to changing conditions and requirements.

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